Stamps of Life Reviews

The Talk Around Town

Read what our club members are saying about the Stamps of Life. These testimonials were taken directly off our Facebook wall.

Dale Haney
God is soooo good!!!
I've been in deep prayer for one of my children that at this moment is dealing with life's circumstances. I've always thought.... I'll never get one of those golden tickets. Lol. I think it came at the time when God knew I needed it most. A reminder of His faithfulness. Thank you Stephanie and Ken for blessing others in your business practices. As long as you're being a blessing to others, I firmly believe He will continue to bless you.
Sue Ploski
Gold Club member here and it is so worth it! I love getting the stamps and dies every month. The Card Kit is filled with coordinating papers,embellishments, ribbons, stamp and die! I not only use the kits for cards, but I incorporate them on my scrapbook pages. The discount on the website and at TSOL booth at the Mega Meet is a bonus! No regrets here!
Lois Hackett Feis
Die hard member for just over a year and then moved up to the gold club. Getting packages twice a month is like a birthday and Christmas every month of the year. Then getting the extras puts icing on the cake for me! The quality of Stephanie Barnard's products is all top of the line. Everything she sells is color coordinated except the stamps and dies of course.
Kimberly Goodwin
I'm a gold member and love getting my dies and stamps and card making kits. TSOL website has wonderful ideas and also helpful videos. Discounts online and also at their booth. Stephanie and Ken are so nice and I love the videos when Stephanie is laughing at things she did on the video.
Pauline Cook
I'm a diehard member and love the stamps and dies I get each month. Plus the discount is pretty sweet, too! Everything is high quality!!!
Catherine Cathy Katie Koenig
This is my first month my set came yesterday! All the stamps are super high quality AND super cute. What more could you ask for?
Kelly Donohue Naylor
Been a member for two years. Love all of my stamps and I am loving the dies too! My favorite sets are turtles2love and coffee4two.
Sandy Kilpatrick
I'm in love with your stamps, inks, dies and everything else, Stephanie you keep us so informed on all the new stuff... Luv being a club member!!!!
Robin Saporito
I love belonging to the The Stamps of Life Club. It is affordable, keeps me in current stamps, dies, inks and embellishments (all color coordinated) and I get something new every month. The bonus is Stephanie's videos.
Michelle L. Williams
I love the stamps of life. Excellent quality stamps and ink pads. I love all of the products!
Paula Strachota
They even had the scripture we used at our wedding 32 yrs ago - the stamp is beautifully made and very nice material -- I would highly recommend this company to anyone!!
Suzan VonEinem
I am a happy member of The Stamps of Life Club. July is my third month and I TRULY look forward to get the new stamps each month. I've looked at other clubs, too, but this one has the most unique stamps I've seen.
Stephanie Peterson
I love the videos and tutorials. Such cute stamps that are timely and affordable. You guys ship really fast, too. Love the little surprise freebies now and then, too! :-)
Puanani Chung-hoon
Love the stamps,been with Stamps of life for a year and love all the stamps that I have.wish I could have them all.
Amy Emerick
I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Stamps of Life! I am obsessed with ALL the products. The love how they coordinate the stamps and framelit dies. The stamps are the highest quality. The stamps ALWAYS get to me the same week I order them. There is a stamp set for any occasion. I can't stop buying them!!
Carol Abreu
Love that the products are all made in USA, and I love Stephanie's videos! Stamps are all so cute I order new ones almost every month, plus receiving the "Club" monthly shipment.
Annie Guidry
JOIN NOW!! I hated clear stamps and never wanted to give them another try BUT these are AWESOME!! I love how its your everyday "life" stamps and more. I love how fast they come in and all the great videos and inspiration to help you. I can't wait to buy a few more for my collection!! I love them!!!
Alejandra Garcia
I've been a club member for almost a year and I absolutely LOVE Stamps of Life stamps! They're a great quality stamps for any holiday and occasion! Love getting a little but of "HAPPY" in the mail instead of getting the typical bill and junk.
Diana Stallings LaDuc
I've been a member for 1 year and love the stamps, even better they are made in the USA. Got some ink pads at the Mega Meet in May and I love them too.
Leah Douglas
Very happy member. Love that the stamps and die's go together. The shipping is very fast. Trying to get everything.
Sally Ames
I love this club! The variety of stamps that I receive each month is always unique. The monthly tutorial videos are also fantastic. Love all the ideas!
Debbie McKenzie
Joining The Stamps of Life Club was a great decision! Their stamps are absolutely awesome! The stamp of the month arrives at the beginning of every month. I look forward to it so much! It's like getting a present in the mail every month! It's awesome and so worth the money! No regrets! For those of you on the fence, JOIN! You won't regret it!
Kaylene Martinez
I've been a SOLCM for a year now. I just received my one year stamp along with my regular membership stamp. I have joined others but cancelled with in a few months. I love these stamps!!! Stephanie always seems to come out with a design that is trending. The prices and shipping on the products are awesome!!! Join if your pocket can afford it, you won't be disappointed. I sure wasn't from day one!!
Janet Long
I love the stamps & the price is right! The gallery gives me great ideas.
Sharon Habegger Brown
I have been getting my monthly stamps for the last 9 months, love the extra perks with our stamps on occasions!! They are clear, removable from the carriage sheet and so easy to use. Love the ideas, themes and versatility with other sets. They ship to you promptly! Love that the website gives videos, ideas, etc. when you go brain dead! Never can wait for the next month to come!!!!!
Rosa Lali Mata
I luv the Stamps of Life... I agree the prices are great and the product also.
Lisa Castillo
Love the stamps and dies coordination, low shipping price and the great free ideas/videos!
Marilouise Bain Guthrie
I've been a member about 3 years. I love Stephanie. I look forward to the videos and seeing her in them and meeting her and Ken at the shows, I feel like I know them personally. Good people!
Kathy Wise
I love the club and just started at Anaheim Expo. Way too many ideas and so versatile.
Michele Inclan
The club is great. I have been here from the start and have to say the stamps,inks,dies everything is great join the club you will love it.
Emily Westfall
I have been a member for only 1 month and can I say the stamps are amazing! Shipping is fast and the tutorials are awesome!
Shannon Lee DiGiacomo
I loved buying stamps from The Stamps of Life, so joining the club made so much sense. Stephanie's stamps are always so cute, the images are always crisp and I love the discount!
Cheryl Campbell
Love SoL! I had been checking out the stamps and the club online, saying some day....I'm sorry I waited so long. I feel like you, Stephanie, which one to use first.....they're all my favorites! Love love the stamps and the videos!
Virginia Seward
Well despite the fact that I don't want you so big you don't do your own shows any more, here it is. I am so happy to have joined the Stamps of Life club. I get a new stamp in the mail right after the first each month. And when I purchase more stamps I get them at a discount. Try it if you don't like it you can quit later. Hugs, Virginia
Bobbie Quick Rosenberger
VERY reasonably priced products, plenty of video 'how to's' low shipping price, LOTS of product to choose from, a no hassle company. I love it!
Sarah Wirl Well
i am so happy that i joined The Stamps of Life Club a year ago..I Look forward to rec'ing stamps @ the beginning of the month...This way I don't miss buying a set on release date...This is 1 Happy Stamper!!!! :) [[ I also have a Binder for ONLY these stamps & bought the sleeve's for 3 ring binder + Stephanie has given us some with are stamps..Bonus!!!! ]] JOIN Y'all!!!
Candy McSween
I've been a TSoL member for over 2 years. I have used MANY clear stamps and I am WAY impressed with the quality of TSoL stamps! They are the best stamps for "out of the packaging" stamping. There is no prep work, no conditioning of the stamps. They stamp like a dream. I recently invested in the entire line of Colorbox by Stephanie Barnard inks and I am so thrilled with them as well. No texture on the ink pads and they are so juicy! Stamping is super easy and fun with TSoL products!
Diane Lindall
I joined the CLUB back in decision... the money I have saved (because I would be buying the monthly stamp sets anyhow because they are so cute) is a great perk... ALSO, I had one stamp that had a manufacturing defect and Stephanie had one sent out and I got it within 4 days...GREAT SERVICE. Cant wait to take a class when they are in Seattle!!!
Rita Cilenti Franz
I first discovered Stamps of Life when looking for a stamp of Crayons. Found them, ordered them, got the stamps. Liked what I saw joined the club. Before this club I would only use wood mounted stamps. But I like these stamps and I have been stamping for a long time. The Stamps of Life stamps get along great with all of my other stamps just as well. And the club, it is so much fun to get something other than a bill in my mail box once a month. When is the last time you had fun for $11.95. You just can't beat it.
Julie Crocker
The stamps are terrific and love them all. What's nice is that many of them you can mix and match. The tutorials with each one and the examples really help get me inspired in terms of my own cards. Also it's a great treat every once in a while to get a free mini stamp - who doesn't like free stuff. I have yet to get into the companion Sizzix but will be doing so after the Lancaster convention I am sure!
Annette Lozano
I just joined the stamp club three weeks ago @ LAS VEGAS CONVENTION!! I read N heard lots of great thing.. Super excited!
Karen Deshaies
I have only been a club member a month. And so far love it!!! I have looked into other "clubs" for stamps and very expensive. I love that it is affordable enough for everyone to join. Best thing I have done.
Stephanie Kuykendall-Bernstein
Love the club! Love all the new collections and ideas to go with each stamp set!!! Thanks Stephanie and team!!!
Cathy Scarpa Rowe
Great product. Love my little gift each month!! It is so much fun to have a new set to experiment with!!!
Kathryn Jones Fosnaugh
I have only been a member for 1 and 1/2 months and already love it. I love my lemonade stamps and my stamps for July should be here today. This is so much fun.
Lisa Bedigian
I LOVE your designs! They're fun and whimsical and they're very different from the style of other companies. I love the versatility with coordinating dies and now the inks and papers too.
Tisha Tish Tisha
Been a member for over a year and. It's the best club I have ever joined. So happy with all the products that you offer and I have used about every one that has come in . Thank you so much for making it so easy. Looking forward to purchasing the inks. Sooooon. Thank you.
Marie Greene
I have been a member for a few years now and I am happy with the stamps and other products. All of them help to keep me motivated and creative. I also love the freebies...such treats!!! Join the FUN!!!
Denise Brannan Johnston
I have bought Stephanie items for yrs, the Stamps of Life club has been a two maybe three yrs, I cant tell you enough about the items, I LOVE THE STUFF, Wish had more money to buy more!!!! good old fashion honest girl, love her! thank you for your cute cute stamps
Becky Reed Farabi
Been a member for over a year. I love the stamps and use the die cut designs on both cards and scrapbook pages. I like how designs coordinate. Thanks for the master list of stamp designs. It helps me organize and number my sets do I can find them easily. I look forward to the first of every month. Your previews are very clever. Your website design gallery is so very awesome!!!
Tania Fleenor Feekes
So much fun getting a new stamp set once a month. Fun fun.
Sherry Zumbrun Keen
Just joined but fast shipping and stamps are wonderful!
Anne Fillmore Palmer
I love The Stamps of Life! Wonderful product and terrific service! In addition, so many ideas are shared, on how to use the product. I really appreciate the gallery with ideas on how to make cards, not only from the creative team that works with Stephanie Barnard, but from card makers around the country. Mailings are quick, the products are excellent quality, the website is organized and easy to navigate, and the videos are both entertaining and education. I look forward to seeing what will happen next!
Carol Cunningham
Haven't gotten mine yet , but the stamps are awesome.
Penny Estrada
I joined the club when they were in Anaheim. Love their products. I always get my stamp on the 2nd of the month and I have never been disappointed and look forward to the companion set on the 7th of each month. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed. What's great is that they don't just send you great stamps but give you so many great ideas on their website.
Patti Leemore
I'm not sure why anyone would not join "The Stamps of Life" Club. The Stamps are by far, better than any other company, they are made right here in the USA, the cost is much less than the leading competitor, You get them delivered direct to your home, and there are so many varities to choose from, all coordinating within each other, you get freebies every couple months and a free complete set of stamps on your anniversary. I have been in the club two years this Fall. It is a great investment for me because I am stuck on the quality of the stamps. I have spent a small fortune in acrylic stamps and "the Stamps ofLife" are the best; which is why I have remained a club member. Don't hesitate - join today. You'll be glad you did.
Lisa Chuck Speake
I just joined the club last week, I already received June's stamp set and July's is due any day. I can't wait to use the stamps this weekend with my girlfriend!
Alycia Branson-MacDonald
I debated on joining the club for a couple of months and after realizing the money I would have saved because I was ordering so many stamps, I joined it in May at the Novi Scrapbook Mega Meet, best decision I made I love automatically getting stamps every month now :)
Robin L Cerny
I have been a club member for at least 2 years. The product is great. The customer service is friendly and professional. I look at the extensive gallery almost daily for inspiration. Always look forward to the first of the month for my new stamp. I do not subscribe to any magazines. THE STAMPS OF LIFE is my monthly treat!
Diana Soling
I love this club. The stamps sets are wonderful and such an array that I have stamps for things I've never had. Thanks!
Jill Dixon Boteler
I joined the Club last month (June). The quality of the stamps are wonderful. Plus being made in the USA is the best. I am waiting for my July set and can't wait to play with them. I am glad I decided to join. Can't wait to see what the rest of the year has to bring!
Lissa Ruck
I've been a member for 2 years and I LOVE these stamps!!! :)
Janet Kumm
The stamps and stamp pads are the best quality I have used! I also look forward to the first of the month when I receive my club members stamp set. Then, of course, they come out with coordinating stamps in the middle of the month. Woo Hoo!
Diana Lewandowski
I joined the club about four months ago, and I am very pleased and happy that I did. I love the stamps, and and my age it is nice getting something in the mail every month. I really look forward to it. I just told a friend of mine that she needs to join.
Bev Gartner
I joined the club a long time ago. Have almost every stamp set that you have released .... love ... love .... love the stamps. And easy to store ..... with great customer service to boot. Thanks SOL.
Lisa Bille Cody
I've been a member for over 2 1/2 years & I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE The Stamps of Life!!! BEST club you could ever belong to! The perks are amazing, and the videos/tutorials are very cool, but what is even better is the quality of all the products...even my first club stamp set, which I use ALOT, still looks brand new! No other stamps hold up as USA!!! I LOVE the inkpads as well...gorgeous colors & the black is the BEST black I have ever's sooooo nice when my penguins are nice & sharp!!! You will not regret joining this club!!!
Joyce Myers Harding
I have been a member since you began SOL and the quality of the clear stamps is the best! I own many of them! Also started using some of your dies and stamp pads. Today is only the 3rd of July and I have already received my July stamp set! That Ken is certainly on the ball! Thanks!
Candy Colombe-Young
I love my Stamps of Life stamsp! So glad I joined the club!
Susan Feren
I love the Stamps of Life!! I just found it a few months ago & I am already taking advantage of all the great items & my club membership. I just wish you would come to Canada Stephanie!!
Marian Eastman Elkins
I love it!
Candice Fields
It's the best stamp club ever! The stamps are great and the discount isn't bad either. Also you get great stamps at affordable prices.
Angie Smith
I've joined about four to five months ago and I really look forward to getting that little package in the mail the first week of the month. I am a stamp-aholic and very picky about how I store my stamps and these sets are so easy to store and keep up with. The quality is great also, never have to worry about having to double stamp or re-align because the stamp didn't take the ink the first time. It's always exciting to see what new design is coming to me every month!
Susan Trapp
I have been with the club since the very first club set! That's over 3 years, I love Stephanie Barnard and her stamps are Wonderful!!! Join, it's so much fun!!
Denise Mjoen Wahl
Love love love The Stamps of Life with Stephanie Barnard!
Kathleen Wawrzyniak Weber
I joined in February and have enjoyed each stamp. I love the sample cards and they give me get ideas.
Therese Mays
This is only the second month I've belonged to the club, but I can honestly say that I am very pleased. I also love the videos and tutorials that Stephanie provides.
Dixie Hunsaker Bowman
They are awesome stamps! Very cute, good quality and so economical. I love waiting for my surprise each month. Usually have to buy a couple more things to go with them too. Love it!
Colleen T. Moreland
I love the Stamps of Life Club. I was one of the first members. I love getting my stamps every month. I also love dealing with Stephanie. She is amazing....join, join, join, you won't be sorry!
Linda Maurits Ballendine
Great quality stamps at awesome prices. I look forward to receiving my new stamp set each month and the videos are very informational and funny. Stephanie really knows her stuff. So glad I joined. You'll be too!
Debbie Arnum Mattingly
Fantastic club! I have been a member for almost 2 years and have been very pleased with everything I get from them. Highly recommend.
Becky Parnham Lambert
I LOVE the stamps of Life. They are awesome stamps and Stephanie is a doll. LOVE her presentations.
Judy Altum
I have been a member since about day one. I love this club. The Prices are the best and shipping a dollar what are you waiting for?
Chris Trezza
I LOVE the Stamps of Life Club.....all the products are of fine quality and the designs are adorable ( and very reasonably priced!). The additional discount is great for all the products in the line! I love the co-ordinating dies and the videos Stephanie makes with techniques and ideas. It's the only monthly club for product that I have kept, and I have tried several. I look forward to the first of each month for my new stamp set, then wait for the 7th and 20th of the month to see more goodies and ideas!. Don't wait one more month.....join today....and by the way....Stephanie also gives us little freebies every so often! What's not to love! :-)
Patti Krauss
I love the club. It's great to get the stamps right away. And getting a discount on coordinating stamps and accessories is awesome. I certainly recommend it!
Julia Karmol Hunter
I met you at the Mega Meet in Novi Michigan.....and you are one of the sweetest vendors I've ever spoken with...and your husband was very nice and informative as well!! Real, genuine people.....fantastic products!!
Linda Sprows McCormick
I'm a fairly new member - I joined after seeing Stephanie's videos. She has so many great ideas and its nice to get a little surprise in the mail every month. I keep adding things to my shopping cart but I'm waiting to see the set that will coordinate with this month's club release. Join, you'll like it.
Dana Driscoll
I'm new to club. Love the discounts. It's a nice surprise & love the framelets which are often coordinated w stamps in mind.
Bonnie Benton Lindsay
I am a charter member and have continuously been a member for over 4 years. I have two binders filled with stamp sets. In the beginning there were only stamps. Now you get options after your stamps come. I am not a creative person. Every month the anticipation of the new set is overwhelming. When I get the set, I wonder what to do with it. When I go onto the website there are tons of ideas already there for me to copy!! So don't hesitate. Join now and if you don't LOVE it after a month or so you can cancel. I'm sure you will love it though! Every month a new prize.
Nichole Henry
Awesome club!! Great quality stamps and love how easy it is to organize them with the binder pages provided! !! Worth every cent!!
Nikki Beck
There are many stamps out there to pick from but ONLY the STAMPS OF LIFE have the most fantastic team headed up by an incredible lady, Stephanie. I met her in person and instantly it confirmed my LOVE for her and her stamps! Her videos are wonderful and the club is OUTSTANDING. I RUN to my mailbox the 3rd day of the every month because I know that's when my stamps will be there. She posts "real" comments and does videos that may you feel like she's know you for YEARS! She and the team are extremely talented. Her fans/customers are truly part of her professional family! Her and her team of designers are the best out there. If I only lived in CA, I would seriously BEG to work for her for FREE! THE STAMPS OF LIFE AND STEPHANIE GET AN A++++++++++++++ FROM ME!
Bonnie Bagge
I am really new, but the fast service, and the fun videos have really inspired me. Love this company!!!
Laurie Minarik
I love them!
Ronda Briggs
The Stamps of Life is the best company to join for several reasons. First, all the stamps are made in America, second she uses the highest quality of materials to make the stamps. Third, the customer service is fabulous the best I have seen. Fourth, when you order additional stamps, dies, buttons, card stock, ink pads, and other special material it gets to you extremely fast. After ordering my order has always arrived 3-4 days later.

Each month Stephanie does a video were she introduces the stamps of the month. Then on the 7th she introduces 3 more stamps and on the 20th she introduces new dies that you will fall in love with. Stephanie also does a real fun video that she tries to create a card under 5 minutes. She also sends out free gift every so often. I joined over a year ago and it's the best decision I have ever made. What's stopping you from joining? Come join the fun, I promise you won't regret it. Quality stamps at 10.98 plus 1.00 shipping where else will you find that cheap prices for quality stamps and cheap cost shipping. Hope to see you have joined the fun.
Dania Boise
I've been a member for a year now and love it. The stamps are awesome. The discount is great and I love all the free perks. They really do have a quality product. Stephanie is always making sure the her products works together which is nice. It is happy mail time the 1st of every month.
Barb Chapman
The Stamps of Life are the cutest and best stamps, I'm never disappointed!
Therese June Kent
love your stamp club Steph. I am in Australia.
Noreen Rionda Sommer
Luv, luv, luv The Stamps of Life. I've been in the club for quite a while & enjoy that 1st of the month surprise! Best of all is the price for the sets, $1 shipping, occasional gifts, add ons during the month, AND the fun. Come on, what are you waiting for - join now. No other club is this economical & fun!
Caro Hopkins
I love getting such cute stamps in the mail each month.. they are always really nice, postage is so reasonable and the dies and other stamp sets we can buy vary in theme and are great.
Laurel Doss
I have been a member for about a year and a half! I LOVE Stamps of Life! No other stamp company can compare to the quality get a discount! HOW great is that! Another perk, you get a new set in your mailbox every single month! If you want to get ideas? Go to the web site! There are tons of tutorials and a gallery of amazing cards! I LOVE THE STAMPS OF LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Laurie Griswold
I love this stamp club. I am hoping to get to meet Stephanie if she comes to Sacramento convention. Their stamps are made in the USA and do not yellow. Great card ideas with each stamp set. Love, love love this club.
Sheba Bartz
I fought joining the Stamps of Life Club for some time. I could not afford it...what if I didn't like that months stamp set...what a waste that would be. Oh how I hate being wrong...I have really enjoyed every month of stamps. I am now finding they are my "go to" stamp sets. The quality of the clear stamps is great, and how many stamps we get in each set is exciting. I anxiously await the beginning of the month knowing I will be getting my new Stamps of life stamps soon.
Sharen Sybert Graham Dixon
Wonderful stamps....both quality and quanity and made in the USA! The Club is the way to go.
Jean Tanner
I have been a member for 1 year now, don't know why it took me awhile to join. I can't wait for the next months to arrive. I am not going to get this month for a another month as I am in Sydney looking after my Grandchildren. I love the quality of the stamps, so much better than any others I have tried.
Dawn Mackie
WOW! One year and five months ago I found the Stamps of life on FB...I thought about it for a few months only because of the commitment of it, I have to say its been a fun journey with Stephanie and the stamps and dies and inks and just her customer service!! This made in the USA company is awesome! I've also been blessed and got to see her at the mega meet in Michigan:) she is funny, sweet, family oriented and loves what she's doing! It shows in her company. She sends you little thank you's and surprises! Who does that any more!! She has happy customers that LOVE her products and I look forward to the stamps on the 1st and then the dies and more stamps on the 20th.....every month is Christmas in the mail:))) you may not love every set(just like a x-mass gift) but, you always seem to fall in love with them as you use them! Again, her appreciation for you as a customer shows in all she does! Her passion for her company is seen in her videos and when you meet her. With a scale from 1-10..... The club IS a 10! It's fun and you can't beat the quality and price of all the items. Join! You will NOT be disappointed at all.
Leonie Beer Viljoen
I am a member for more than a year and LOVE the stamps and the best thing is I receive them here in South Africa without any problems. Come stamp lovers sign up and be free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Leslie Parlette
I think I do a much better job explaining all the wonderful qualities of the Stamps of Life in person ... But here goes! The stamp sets are ADORABLE! They are made in the USA! Stephanie does a great job creating additional stamp (and die) sets that coordinate with each other. There are always a TON of ideas available on the website to show you how to put those stamps to use if you have a creative block; not to be confused with a stamping block which they also carry and stamp pads with re-inkers and misters and paper and buttons ... that match! No guessing what will look good together! The website makes it really easy to figure out which sets coordinate. The stamps mix and match really well. I was hesitant, and thought, what do I do if I happen to get a stamp of the month that I don't like, and then it dawned on me that I could always create a gift with a stamp set and ink. I have to tell you there hasn't been a single set that has arrived on my doorstep that I haven't LOVED! The club only comes with a three month commitment so if for some reason you weren't happy or your circumstances changed you aren't stuck for a year or more. The cost is reasonable; the quality is great, and everyone that works for the company is delightful! Doing business with these folks is more like hanging out with friends ... They display a genuine desire to please their customers. The stamps arrive quickly (thanks Ken ... My July stamps arrived today ... WOW!!!). It is such a nice little treat and I look forward to that envelope each month. You are going to be surprised and pleased when you get your stamp set each month; there are always lots of stamps included with each set and you get a discount on everything you buy as a club member. Give it a try!
Kathy Broadaway-Wiszowaty
I love The Stamps of Life!!!! I really like the ink pads. They are the best ones around I have tried. And getting the stamps every month. I have used them sooo much. There are a couple I still want to get yet and I want to try the card stock though. I love this company to pieces!! They are American made. Enough said. That's how we should buy anyway. Love the gang at Stamps of Life!!!!
Tracy Friesen
Love this club. The stamps are awesome.
Donna Van Etten
I joined the stamps of life club in march of this year after meeting Stephanie and ken in their booth in Portland , Oregon . I love everything about them and the products they represent and make! The club is awesome; the best thing I have done! The stamps are awesome and then on top of it there is a gallery that has tons of ideas to go with all the stamps and Stephanie always shows little techniques in her video's. plus who doesn't like to receive fun mail and being a club member you get a new stamp in the mail box once a month! I luv luv this club...... Highly recommend it to anyone who loves to stamp/ scrap/ and or craft!
Roz Eiler
Clever designs; VERY decent prices; made in the USA; excellent stamps; great videos; delightful samples in the gallery. LOVE the Club!!!
Donna Fisher
It is AWESOME! Great Stamps...VERY reasonable in will not regret signing up...Love the PERKS of being in involved...Love your video's also...very informative....
Lia Kamminga
I've been a memeber since stamp set #2. I'm not sure when that was but I don't plan on leaving anytime soon. I love how the stamp sets intermix with so many others. Great forethought and economical as well. Now I'm thrilled with the way the stamps coordinate with the dies. Thanks Stephanie!
Jocelyn Turner
Best stamps available anywhere!I have never once had a halo effect. So much variation and so many sets co ordinate with so many other sets. One stop stamping shop. International postage is amazing and no other company is this reasonable, but it also means there are many products that cannot be sent internationally, but still worth joining. I love the 1st of each month tosee what the post is bringing!
Valetta Hack Gray
Joined right after husband was diagnosed with CA. Stamps are wonderful and have been used many times over for cards given to other CA patients along with patients from my sleep/pulmonary clinic. Wonderful value, made in USA.
Lynnpenguin Haines
I love the Stamps of Life's sooo nice to get a stamp set in the mail the first week of each month...and the little extras every now and then are so great too !! Been a member for almost 3 years now I think...not sure exactly's for sure over 2 years !! LOVE THE QUALITY OF THE STAMPS TOO !! I'm in CANADA and I get my stamp in a timely fashion, usually by the 7th of the month!!
Amy Brennick
Have only been a member for a couple short months, but see a long relationship ahead! Love everything about Stamps Of Life, the quality, the designs, the people involved are wonderful, quick delivery right to your home, and a discount on other wonderful things in the store. LOVE IT!!
Lydia Easley
We've been members for 10 months and still going strong! My 7- & 5-year-old can. not. WAIT! for the stamps to arrive each month -- and THAT is the chosen activity for the evening they do arrive. Even if I'm not there to supervise (which can be scary, considering archival ink pads on the loose, but so far, so good!). Stephanie's stamps have opened up a WHOLE new horizon for me crafting-wise and, quality-wise, I simply will not buy any other stamps. I LOVE how all of the sets coordinate between themselves AND with the Sizzix die cuts. I don't mind using my scissors but when I've got 35 invitations to send out, that Sizzix is a God-send! We also love the videos, especially the 5-minute videos. When we're crafting my girls always ask, "Mommy can we watch Stephanie tonight?" We've been SPOILED! :-D Thanks, Stephanie!
Dot J Freel
Just became a member after the scrapbook show in Las Vegas. Love all the stuff I've used that I bought at your booth and just got the awesome monthly club stamps which I can think of so many things to do with them. I love the quality and perfectly cuteness of them! Sure glad I went to the show! Love your videos also!
Amy Cunniff
This is absolutely one of the best clubs out there for paper crafters!! It's a great deal for the money and you get discounts on everything else you buy! What's not to love?
Dean Ann Scott
I am 60 and usually do not get toys at Christmas. Now, shortly after the first of each month, I get my very own present and have the joy of playing (like a child with a toy). The website is always full of inspirational samples and a big upside is that I end up with cards to celebrate friends and family and special events. Also, they help to make great additions to my scrapbook pages. Very happy I joined the club!
Relda Sandgran
Love Stamps of Life the Stamps are of great quality, they don't turn yellow. These are made in the USA. I will never use stamps on wood again. I sent of for the Christmas set in 2010 I believe it was and have been a member ever since.
Nancie Estes Lively
I am a long time stamper...20 years...and The Stamps if Life is by far my favorite rubber stamp company. The stamps are of the highest quality, and best value available in my opinion. The club set is always versatile, and Stephanie follows up with additional sets that make for more mixing and matching. I would, and have recommended The Stamps of Life Club to stampers of all levels! You will not be disappointed.
Marilyn Smyres
Not only are the stamps great quality, but you get all the inspiration and support from Stephanie and the design team ideas. I also like that they give cute follow up sets to the monthly stamp sets.