My name is Stephanie and the adorable guy with me in the picture is my hubby, Ken. ;)

I have two daughters. I can't tell you how old they are though, because that might reveal my real age. ;)

We live in Laguna Niguel, CA with our cat, three tortoises and the love of my life, my new Maltese Puppy, Cookie.

I could tell you all about my industry resume, but that's a little boring. Just trust that I've been in the business since 1998...contributing magazine editor, product designer, teacher, TV spokesperson, QVC demonstrator, published designer, published author....blah, blah, blah.....

Ok, hey, I love stamps, I love paper. My job is my hobby and my hobby is my job.

I love sharing my life with others. (Check out my {Life} with Stephanie Videos!)

I love Diet Coke, Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper, the beach, God, my family, hugs, anti-bacterial lotion, scrapbooking and stamping. {Just not all in that order....}

Grab a Diet Coke and stay awhile......sign up for our newsletter (envelope button at the top of the page) and check out our travel schedule...hopefully we can meet in person someday!

Happy Stamping!


P.S. Yes, I DO love Diet Coke. I even drink it for breakfast! Never had a sip of coffee in my life! ;)