Frequently Asked Questions

  I want to become a Club Member; what are the benefits?
Well, the best benefit is that you'll be cool if you join! {grin}

Another great benefit is the price! You SAVE money! You can't beat that! AND you get your stamps (and dies) mailed out before anyone else that's not in the club!

Every 12 consecutive months you are a member, you will receive an online Gift Certificate for $15 ($25 if you are in the Card Kit Club) as an Anniversary Gift. It's our way of saying, "Thank You!"

Also, Club Members receive a 15% (20% for Gold Club Members) discount in our shop and at our convention booths.

Club Members receive Club Points every month to spend in our shop.

Plus we send out FREE limited edition gifts 2-3 times a year to our Club Members.

Check out the Join the Club page for all the details and sign up today!
  What form of payment do you accept for club memberships?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.
  How do you ship my stamps to me?
We send them via the US Post Office. We've found this method to be the most economical and pretty fast. It usually takes up to ten working days to get your stamps to you, in the US, (Canada and International can take up to four weeks) but most times, it's quicker! And the price! You can't beat our shipping prices!
  Where do I go to change my club credit card information?
You can update your club credit card under the My Account menu by clicking on My Clubs menu item. If you are currently signed in, you can click on this My Clubs Page link to go there now.
  How do I change my club address?
You can update your club address under the My Account menu by clicking on My Clubs menu item. If you are currently signed in, you can click on this My Clubs Page link to go there now.
Please note: we need your new information before the 20th of the month for the next month's Stamp, Die Hard, or Fold-it Club Shipment.
  I'm a Club Member, but I'm not seeing my discount during checkout.
First, make sure you are signed into your account. If you see a pink heart next to our logo on the shop page, then you will see your club discount in the Summary section during checkout. If you do not see a pink heart at the top of the Shop page next to our logo, then you are not getting your club discount, please contact us so that we can update your account.
  Can I return a Club Shipment if I don't like it?
In order to keep all of our Club Prices so low, we are unable to offer an opt-out, exchange, or return option. We package and ship in bulk to make sure our prices are the lowest in the industry. If you find that a club set is not to your liking, please check out the video and on-line gallery for inspiration. It might not be a stamp set you would have purchased on your own, but once you see what our Design Team has created, we are confident you'll soon love them!
  If I upgrade my Stamp Club to the Die Hard Club, will I have to start over to get my 12 consecutive months to get my free gift card?
Absolutely not. Your consecutive months will just pick up where they were, so no lost months here.
  If I cancel my club membership, then join again, will I have to start all over to get my 12 consecutive months for my free gift card?
Yes, unfortunately you will have to start over, so make sure that's what you really want to do before you cancel.
  I need to {sadly} cancel my Club Membership.
We are sorry to see you go, but we do understand sometimes this might happen. We label and package club shipments 10 days before the ship date each month and cannot make any changes after that. To cancel a club, be sure to cancel by the cutoff date. Click on My Clubs on the My Accounts menu and you will see the cancel option below each club.

Club Cutoff Dates:

  • Stamp/Die Club: 19th
  • Fold-it Club: 14th
  • Card Kit Club: 9th
Club Points
  Are Club Points only for Club Members?
Yes, Club Points can only be earned, saved, and redeemed by Club Members. If you are a Club Member and you cancel your membership, you will forfeit your points.
  How do I earn Club Points?
Points are for Club Members Only. Club Members earn 1 Club Point for every $1 you spend in our shop. Club Members receive monthly Club Points. Club Members can also earn extra Club Points for every friend that you refer to one of our monthly Clubs. When your friend signs up for one of our Clubs, both you and your friend receive extra Club Points.
  How many Club Points do Club Members receive each month and when are they given?
All Club Points for all Clubs will be given on the 22nd of each month. You will find your Club Points in the My Accounts page on the website.

ClubClub Points
Stamp Club Members:10 Club Points
Die Hard Club Members:25 Club Points
Fold-it Club Members:25 Club Points
Card Kit Club Members:40 Club Points
Rose Gold Club Members:75 Club Points
Gold Club Members:75 Club Points
Diamond Club Members:200 Club Points
  How do I spend my Club Points?
On the Shopping Cart page, at the bottom of the products, click on the "Spend Your Points" link and you will see three different ways to apply the amount of points that you would like to spend. You can user the slider to adjust points, enter the number of points in the text field, or click on the checkbox to apply the maximum amount of points to spend. After you have applied your points, you can checkout like normal. If you go straight to checkout and skip the shopping cart, you have another chance to apply Club Points on the Payment screen. You will get the same three ways to apply your points.
  How come I am not earning Club Points on my order while I'm spending points?
Club Points can be spent or earned on each Club transaction (you are unable to earn and use points on the same order), so you may want to consider building up your Club Points before using them.
  Why am I unable to spend my Club Points during checkout?
You have to have at least 500 Club Points built up before you can start using them. If you have 500 or more Club Points and are still not able to use your Club Points during checkout, try signing out and then back into the Shop page. If you are still having an issue after that, please Contact our Customer Service.
  When should I receive my Personalized Stamp?
The PERSONALIZED Clear Stamps will ship approximately 12 weeks after ordering and will ship separately from other items ordered. If you have not received your stamp within 16 weeks of ordering and you are in the USA, please let us know. International customers, please allow additional time for shipping.
  Whoops! I made a mistake on my order; how can I fix it?
We are unable to add items to orders that have already been placed. We are also unable to combine orders. If you have accidentally ordered a duplicate item, you may return it within 30 days of purchase (unused and unopened) to us and we will issue a gift certificate to you. Club stamps and dies are unable to be returned or exchanged. Please note that we are unable to give credit for the shipping fees.
  Why am I charged sales tax on my orders?
Most states require businesses to charge online sales tax regardless of whether or not they have a physical location in their state.
  I ordered a digital downloadable product. Where can I find the file to download it?
You will find the download link in your order email and also on our website in the "Downloads" section under the My Account section. If you are on a mobile device, you may have to scroll down a ways on the My Accounts page to get to the menu with the "Downloads" menu item. If you are signed in, you can click on this Downloads Page link to go straight to the Downloads page. If you are looking for a digital download for an online class, you will find all class related links on the Online Classes Page under the Extras Menu Item.
  I ordered an online class and I didn't receive a link to the class video. How can I get a link to the class video?
Our Online Classes Page under the Extras Menu Item has all the links for each class. Click on this Online Classes Page link to go to the Online Classes Page. You will see a list of classes. Click on the class that you purchased and you will see all of the links for that class. Click on the video for that class to see the video. Be sure that you are signed into the same account that you purchased the class with.
  Can your dies work in the Cuttlebug?
The FRAMELIT Flip-it Dies work in the Cuttlebug and any other machine on the market that cuts wafer thin dies. Just a note, on some machines, you might need the extended (longer) cutting pads and platform for the larger dies.
  Where can I find more of the great storage sheets you use to store your stamps?
Ahh, these are popular! You can find them on our website here: Link to Storage Sheets.
  What is the difference between The Stamps of Life stamps and the clear stamps made in Asia?
Our stamps are made from yellowing resistant photopolymers and are latex free. These polymers are designed and produced for the printing industry and are meant to carry and transfer ink. {This is why they stamp so well!} The stamps from Asia are produced from vinyl or silicone based materials, and aren't designed for a quality impression. We are proud to say we use the highest quality photopolymer for our stamps and they are PROUDLY made in the USA.
  How long do photopolymer clear stamps last?
Photopolymer clear stamps can and should last a lifetime. There is no specific life span on photopolymer clear stamps, with proper use and general cleaning and care they should last as long as traditional rubber stamps.
  What is the best way to clean clear stamps?
Stephanie's favorite way is with cheap baby wipes! However, if you're an obsessive-compulsive, they do make cleaner specifically for clear stamps. Also, if for some reason your stamps start to lose their tack, you can wash them with soap and water. Never soak or let any of your stamps sit in a solvent or alcohol based cleaner, because they can break down all types of stamps. We also recommend not using solvent inks on the clear stamps.
  How do I keep my stamps sticking to the acrylic blocks?
Photopolymer clear stamps normally will stay sticky and adhere well for years to come to your blocks, if they lose their tack simply wash them with soap and water or the clear stamp cleaner. For best results, do not store your stamps on the acrylic blocks. Instead, return them to their original plastic sheets (where their other stamp friends are!) ;)
  What's a FLASH SALE?
A Flash Sale is a BRAND NEW item on SALE for 24 hours or until it sells out. These brand new items tend to sell out quickly so if you see a Flash Sale item, get it ASAP. Once we sell out (or 24 hours go by), it will go back to regular price when it comes back in stock. Sorry, no rainchecks. Please note: Flash Sale items are always on brand new items. Not old inventory.
  How much is shipping?
Shipping is only $1.50 per stamp set in the United States, $2.50 to Canada per stamp set and $3.50 international per stamp set. Shipping for other items varies. Please add an item to your shopping cart and use the shipping estimator to view the shipping amount. Orders over $100 after discounts in the USA get FREE shipping.
  Do you ship Internationally?
Yes, most of our products ship international. We are unable to ship some of our more bulky items international. Our stamps and most of our dies ship for only $3.50 per set ($2.50 to Canada). Shipping for other items varies. Please add an item to your shopping cart and use the shipping estimator to view the shipping amount.
  Can I combine orders to save on shipping?
We are sorry, but once an order is placed, it is immediately sent to our processing center. They pull, pack, and ship in the order they are received and are unable to combine orders. Please make sure your order is complete before you hit the final button and remember, orders over $100 after discounts in the USA get FREE shipping.
  My Gift Certificate Code won't work, what should I do?
Your code will not work if you are entering it in the Discount Code box. You need to choose Gift Certificate as your payment method when checking out. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and enter the code in the Gift Certificate box. Then choose another payment method to complete any remaining balance.
  My "Default Billing Address" and "Default Shipping Address" are blank. What happened to the addresses that I already input?
The addresses should still be in your Address Book, but since we moved to a new website, you will have to reassign which address to use as your default addresses. Go to "MY ACCOUNT", then "Address Book". Find the address that you would like as your default and click on the "Edit" link. Click on the checkboxes at the bottom of the address fields and save.
  How can I post my photos in the Gallery?
First signin to our Shop page, then go to "My Account" page. Click on the "Edit" link under the "Contact Information" box. Type a name in the "Nickname" field. This name will be publicly displayed when you post to our gallery. You should now be able to upload to our gallery. If you still don't see the upload button at the top of the gallery page. Try signing out of the shop, closing your browser and then sign back into the shop and try again. If you still don't see the upload button after following these steps, please Contact our Customer Service.
  Can I return an item?
We do not allow returns. If an item is defective, please send a photo of the defective item and we will replace that item. If the defective item is not available a gift code will be issued for the value of the item, less discount, plus tax (if applicable).

We will allow exchanges if a duplicate is purchased (for website credit). Exchanges must be within 30 days of purchase on unopened, unused items. Include both order numbers with the item (original order and duplicate order). Shipping fees are not eligible for refunds. Please Note: If exchanging this item makes your order ineligible for the free shipping, shipping for that order will be deducted before any credit is applied.

Please contact us for the return address.

Please Note: Club shipments are not able to be returned. This policy allows us to keep our Club prices really low.
  Why didn't I get a free gift or a promo when I joined the Club?
We often offer freebies or a promo when someone joins a club. However, they are limited to one per person, per club. For the Fold it Club, if you were in the club previously, no freebie is sent.
  What form of payment do you accept on your website?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Paypal.
  Why am I charged sales tax on my orders?
Most states require businesses to charge online sales tax regardless of whether or not they have a physical location in their state.
  I have an idea that might make a good stamp or die, can I submit it to you?
Thank you for taking the time to share your design idea with us. We appreciate your enthusiasm and creativity. :)

While we're always delighted to see innovative suggestions from our customers, we need to clarify that our company policy regarding unsolicited submissions is to ensure fair treatment for all contributors. As such, we cannot guarantee the use of any unsolicited ideas, including those that may be similar to concepts already in development or submitted independently by others.

Please understand that in the event we choose to proceed with a design similar to yours, we cannot provide compensation or credit as the idea was unsolicited. However, we value your engagement with our brand and hope you continue to share your thoughts and ideas with us in the future.

Thank you again for reaching out to us with your suggestion. It will be forwarded to Stephanie for consideration.
  What is The Stamps of Life's Angel Policy?
We allow crafters who individually hand make finished items for resale to use our designs as long as the quantity manufactured or sold of any given design is handmade and does not exceed 200 pieces. If possible, please credit 'The Stamps of Life' somewhere on each creation. We do not allow our designs to be used in any type of mass manufacturing process, whether this be via mechanical, photographic or handmade means. When sharing your work on the internet in galleries, message boards, etc., please link to our website, so others can find our great products. :)
  I love the music in your videos, who sings that song?
Thanks! We get so many compliments on our song choices. Since we are a business, we purchase the commercial license on our music. You should be able to find info on the songs on iTunes or Amazon.

Here are the songs we use:
Only You Can Make Me Happy by The Fire Apes
Indie Rock Girl by TV/Tv
Picture Perfect by Daddy's The Engine
All Of A Sudden by Telekinesis
Tell Me You'll Be There by Everyday Sunday