Spectrum Noir Collectors Edition

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Special Edition gift-box featuring exclusive limited Spectrum Noir colors!

19 special colors that do not appear within the Spectrum Noir standard ranges.

Add on to your current Spectrum Noir sets or if you are new to Spectrum Noir markers, this is a perfect way to try out Spectrum Noir products.

This 10 Piece Set Includes:

  • TriBlend Brush 3-in-1 (Floral Pink Blend)
  • TriBlend 3-in-1 (Sage Green Blend)
  • TriBlend (Pearl Blue Blend)
  • TriColour Metallic 3-in-1 (Lustrous Hues)
  • TriColour Aqua 3-in-1 (Botanic Beauty)
  • Classique Marker Dual-Tip (Mystic Blue)
  • Glitter Marker (Striking Purple)
  • Glitter Marker (Vivid Pink)
  • Acrylic Marker (Jade Green)
  • Sparkle Brush-Pen (Crystal Clear)

About TriBlend Markers:

With its unique 3-in-1 design, Spectrum Noir’s TriBlend Marker is a true break-through innovation for colorists. Inside each marker, there are three separate ink chambers, each feeding through to a fine-bullet nib, so you can experience three colors inside a single alcohol marker for the first time.

When used together, these colors will combine to give you a seamless, controlled blend each and every time. With no guess-work or waiting for the correct shade to appear. With TriBlend you know exactly what you’re going to get - 3 beautiful, related shades that will always blend wonderfully and that you can return to time and time again.

You’ll also love the convenience of having three colors in one pen. Switching from one color to the next becomes effortless and now you can carry just one pen instead of three. Perfect for coloring on the move.

About TriColour Aqua Markers:

An easy and accessible way to begin your watercolor journey, each 3-in-1 pen holds a trio of water-soluble colors to mix and blend effortlessly to create beautiful artwork.

Every pen contains a mini palette of expertly curated color-schemes that complement one another perfectly! These versatile palettes can be enjoyed individually or mixed and combined with other colors in the set for endless variety.

The watercolor effects of these pens offer a great way to try out new techniques, from creating blended and diffused stamped images to subtle blended background washes.

Each individual color within the pen feeds through to quality, Japanese fiber brush tips that will provide you with new opportunities for a more expressive artistic feel and stunning sweeps of color.

About Classique Markers:

With durability, Japanese quality nibs and smooth, blendable colors, this is a range that demands the limelight.

With the enhanced barrel and cap design, you'll find that these markers are comfortable to grip whilst you are coloring. In sleek black plastic, with colored lids that match the shade, these markers feel luxurious and refined in your hand.

Japanese nibs are renowned for their durability and smooth performance, so each of the markers in this range has been dual-end equipped. At one end, you'll find a premium bullet tip for finer details, and at the other, a premium chisel tip for bolder swipes of color. As well as improved nibs, these markers feature quality translucent alcohol dye, which can be built up for incredible, vivid color or used across shades for seamless blending.

About Glitter Markers:

Each marker is absolutely packed with glitter, resulting in a rich and opaque swoop of shimmering color every time.

Each marker features a versatile rounded tip for smooth, accurate lines and detailed coloring. You'll be able to try them out on lettering, journaling, cardmaking, coloring and so much more.

About Acrylic Paint Markers:

These premium acrylic paint markers offer rich, opaque and colorful coverage on canvas, ceramic, glass, wood, porcelain, wood, fabric, card, paper and more.

The markers are packed with highly pigmented premium water-based paint, offering beautifully smooth coverage. The colors can be blended together and the fast-drying opaque paint is ideal for layering to create vivid and stylish designs.

Each Spectrum Noir Acrylic Paint Marker has a 3mm bullet tip, for effortlessly smooth strokes, an ink level indicator and a precision valve mechanism for a rich consistent flow, with no clogging!

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