{Life} with Stephanie - Facebook Questions (April 2014 Part 1)

Questions answered in this episode:
Will you ever sell ink pads individually?
Where can I purchase the acrylic stand you store the ink pads in your videos?
When will your secret weapon be available?
How do you fix dies that are stored on magnetic sheets and won't stay put on the magnetic platform?
Should the dies not be stored on magnetic sheets?
Is there an ink marker or ink pens you can use on clear stamps you can use besides ink pads?
I have had a hard time getting all the flowers out of the mini flower dies, not all of them are embossed or have small detail cut out.
Do you look at the gallery and see the cards we created each month with your beautiful stamp sets?
What are the requirements to be on the design team?
What's a preferred paper weight to avoid the paper from tearing?
Will club members be able to buy the club buttons and pins that are given out at shows?
Will cutting glitter cardstock dull or ruin my dies?
Will you go to Australia?
Sympathy stamp set?
Are you going to sell your felt in a bundle with the different colors?
How do you store your flip-its dies?