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227 viewsWendy01/08/16 at 07:31Stamping Hens: Great idea
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I <3 U681 viewsmgpm04/30/12 at 15:05Cardsannmarie: This is reall
IMG_9385 (1024x768).jpg
I <3 U681 viewsmgpm01/17/12 at 07:14mgpm: the minis4circles made perfect conversation hearts...
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inspire ATC338 viewssharon hare05/13/11 at 10:49MelCorbin: I love this one! Like the gems on the flower. G...
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inspire ATC338 viewssharon hare05/08/11 at 23:34sharon hare: also used gems on the flower
Happy Birthday428 viewsskvale12/26/10 at 18:32cdmac: So simple and so beautiful!
Sweet!509 viewsdebfelts-Design Team12/07/10 at 08:26lauralooloo-Design Team: Ahhhh, brilliant and adorable! I soooo might have ...
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