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Calendar in box661 viewsdaquinnsgift12/30/14 at 06:59CoJo: adorable
TSOL flower die2.JPG
Thank You370 viewskhowardga07/12/12 at 23:33Natalie_Royston: How did you color the blue on the flower?
Stars, stripes and a doodle flower261 viewsdebfelts-Design Team05/23/12 at 08:55ColleenF: Ooo, very eye catching
Hi My Friend Card.jpg
Hi My Friend Card527 viewsBeverly S.-Design Team03/05/11 at 17:01lovestostamp: This card made me stop and take a second look. Lo...
thanks flower! TSOL.jpg
Flower thanks!518 viewsemmielou03/05/11 at 16:59lovestostamp: Great Card
Hello Friend445 viewsTami Mayberry01/11/11 at 13:02Stephanie Barnard: Fun use of colors! Very cute!!
Purple Gift Bag405 viewsStephanie Barnard10/04/10 at 04:11MooMooCards: Beautiful
Inside of Girly purse card435 viewsme-n-3boys09/19/10 at 15:51stephanie932: Very cute!
Inside of Girly purse card435 viewsme-n-3boys09/18/10 at 10:40emmielou: Super sweet!
thanks flower! TSOL.jpg
Flower thanks!518 viewsemmielou09/13/10 at 17:41Kardluvr: Soooo pretty!
i'm sorry436 viewslauralooloo-Design Team09/13/10 at 17:37Kardluvr: I love the simplicity of this card...Simple but be...
how are you?427 viewslauralooloo-Design Team09/12/10 at 19:20emmielou: Cute as can be, Laura!
Purple Gift Bag393 viewsStephanie Barnard09/10/10 at 20:06lauralooloo-Design Team: Oooh, I love the way the glittery looks on there! ...
Flower Pot Card.jpg
Flower Pot "Hello" Card453 viewsBeverly S.-Design Team09/10/10 at 20:05lauralooloo-Design Team: darling, beverly!!!!! you clever girl!
JMSTSOL How Are You copy.jpg
How Are You?475 viewsJeanne S-Design Team09/10/10 at 20:03lauralooloo-Design Team: Ooooh so pretty!
How Are You  TSOL.jpg
how are you/501 viewsemmielou09/08/10 at 06:10Beverly S.-Design Team: You can't beat the color combo with this one. ...
Hi My Friend Card.jpg
Hi My Friend Card527 viewsBeverly S.-Design Team09/07/10 at 15:37emmielou: Just love the black and yellow, Beverly! Beautiful...
crinkled flower hello!.jpg
crinkled flower hello!459 viewsemmielou09/07/10 at 13:35danni: Fantastic idea! Thanks for the directions. I'm...
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