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828 viewsriley7770409/02/12 at 19:44Kardluvr: Nice job!
SOL September 4.jpg
978 viewsBeverly S.-Design Team09/02/12 at 19:41Kardluvr: Just lovely!
*Shining Tree1100 viewskhowardga09/02/12 at 19:39Kardluvr: Love the colors & elegant appeal!
336 viewsmaryyyy03/04/12 at 09:51Kardluvr: Loving it!
Get Well Soon540 viewsTami Mayberry03/04/12 at 09:50Kardluvr: So simple but extraordinarily eye catching! You r...
Under the Weather4285 viewsTami Mayberry03/04/12 at 09:46Kardluvr: Great job!
laura williams feb tsol 7.jpg
Easter Blessings umbrella652 viewslauralooloo-Design Team03/04/12 at 09:42Kardluvr: Delightful!
laura williams TSOL jan11 7.jpg
Wish440 viewslauralooloo-Design Team02/03/12 at 18:56Kardluvr: This is....more than lovely!
Have a Hoppy Good Time722 viewskhowardga11/06/11 at 20:53Kardluvr: Great job!
JMS Hoppy Holidays copy.jpg
Hoppy Holidays1032 viewsJeanne S-Design Team11/06/11 at 20:49Kardluvr: Great holiday spirit!
JMS CPS243 Toad You So.jpg
I Toad You So870 viewsJeanne S-Design Team11/06/11 at 20:49Kardluvr: Sooo creative!
tsol part 2 002 copy.jpg
Blue Water Lilies858 viewsunderstandblue11/06/11 at 20:48Kardluvr: Quite appealing! !
November-Vicki Soft Frog_edited-1.jpg
Soft Frog948 viewsVicki G-Design Team11/06/11 at 20:45Kardluvr: Beautiful
November-Vicki Autumn Lilies.jpg
Autumn Lilies910 viewsVicki G-Design Team11/06/11 at 20:44Kardluvr: WOW! ! !
November Krafty Frog.jpg
Krafty Frog926 viewsVicki G-Design Team11/06/11 at 20:42Kardluvr: I second that emotion!
Purple Butterfly523 viewsHabsgirl2203/03/11 at 18:41Kardluvr: 4 us purple people...this is perfect!
Sympathy 2 - outstide567 viewsvalleegrl03/03/11 at 18:40Kardluvr: great job!
Stacked eggs TSOL.jpg
Stacked Easter Eggs!897 viewsemmielou02/18/11 at 23:40Kardluvr: MMMMmmmm! Nice!
Hi!428 viewsskvale02/18/11 at 23:34Kardluvr: Just lovin' it!
Butterfly Kisses597 viewsstephanie93202/04/11 at 18:33Kardluvr: Love the colors!
Hugs437 viewsskvale02/03/11 at 19:32Kardluvr: This is FABULOUS!
Love245 viewsnutsonshells02/03/11 at 19:18Kardluvr: I truly love this!
SOL Christmas Squares Card.jpg
Merry Christmas Card769 viewsBeverly S.-Design Team11/05/10 at 20:29Kardluvr: I think this is GREAT!
circle happy birthday TSOL.jpg
Happy Birthday Circles...500 viewsemmielou09/13/10 at 17:45Kardluvr: Well done!
thanks flower! TSOL.jpg
Flower thanks!510 viewsemmielou09/13/10 at 17:41Kardluvr: Soooo pretty!
Happy Birthday Cupcake521 viewsTami Mayberry09/13/10 at 17:39Kardluvr: This pops!
i'm sorry429 viewslauralooloo-Design Team09/13/10 at 17:37Kardluvr: I love the simplicity of this card...Simple but be...
Chloe Takes Off!437 viewsJoan K06/25/10 at 18:04Kardluvr: Great job!
Skys The Limit.JPG
Skys the Limit416 viewsRosemary D06/13/10 at 16:24Kardluvr: excellent...PRESENTATION is just wonderful!
JMSTSOL Stars & Stripes copy.jpg
Stars & Stripes501 viewsJeanne S-Design Team05/11/10 at 19:21Kardluvr: Real eye candy!!!
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