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Last comments - turtles2love
Turtles2Love252 viewskellynaylor07/03/19 at 22:55Uk lassie: Love your cute card.
Enjoy the new addition296 viewsKristin R11/04/16 at 11:17Virginia:
Tank You!.jpg
"Tank" You!714 viewsPawsitive11/04/16 at 11:15Virginia:
Turtle Congrats694 viewsscrapaddict411/04/16 at 11:14Virginia:
Sea turtle390 viewsColleenF11/04/16 at 11:14Virginia:
427 viewsCraftingBeauty11/04/16 at 11:14Virginia: words can't do this j...
Turtle Love.jpg
Turtle Love413 viewsPawsitive11/04/16 at 11:13Virginia: perfect
shellibrate387 views2010pattyc11/04/16 at 11:11Virginia: Magnificent too beautiful to CASE
Turtles2love 011.JPG
Sea You Soon459 viewstrinka king11/04/16 at 11:10Virginia: great card you did an awesome job.
Robyn Correa12.jpg
Robyn Correa - injoystampin633 viewsinjoystampin11/04/16 at 11:09Virginia: This card is too beautiful for words, it is (...) ...
Robyn Correa11.jpg
Robyn Correa - injoystampin577 viewsinjoystampin11/04/16 at 11:07Virginia: Wow! Love t his card. I will try to CASE it. Fanta...
My pond or yours?816 viewsdebfelts-Design Team11/04/16 at 11:05Virginia: This is fabulous and I can see the baby turtles. I...
hb2u695 viewsdebfelts-Design Team11/04/16 at 11:03Virginia: Wow! Wish I had that paper
Dare To Dream TSOL.jpg
Dare To Dream...827 viewsemmielou11/04/16 at 11:00Virginia: Magnificent
Sea You Soon TSOL.jpg
Sea You Soon!827 viewsemmielou11/04/16 at 10:59Virginia: Love it
Another Shellibration!788 viewskhowardga11/04/16 at 10:59Virginia: How dare someone give you less than the five you d...
Shellibrate700 viewskhowardga11/04/16 at 10:58Virginia: Love this card, color choices are perfect
Oh Snap!832 viewskhowardga11/04/16 at 10:56Virginia: Snap, I love it
Shellibrate (front)842 viewslauralooloo-Design Team11/04/16 at 10:56Virginia: Virginia: love this card keep playing your cards a...
June Turtle Flowers.jpg
Turtle Flowers848 viewsVicki G-Design Team11/04/16 at 10:54Virginia: Cute idea
June Turtle Flip it 2.jpg
shellibrate850 viewsVicki G-Design Team11/04/16 at 10:54Virginia: Pretty awesome, what's not to love? What kind...
Oh Snap inside.jpg
Oh Snap inside2667 viewsJeanne S-Design Team11/04/16 at 10:52Virginia: Love this card, color choices are perfect
Shellibrate!203 viewsJenH06/06/16 at 20:08vanessab: oh. beautiful!!
Shellibrate!203 viewsJenH06/02/16 at 18:40lcapone: Cute! I love your blue background!
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