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Happy Halloween 241 viewsdeb.eidson10/31/16 at 10:54Rachel A.: Awesome!
343 viewsPaws Ink!09/28/15 at 08:49vanessab: awesome!
343 viewsPaws Ink!09/22/15 at 20:58Stamping Hens: Absolutely adorable
Happy Harvest247 viewsKelliJo09/24/14 at 10:54thompson: Adorable!!
Thanks fall card.jpg
Thanks Fall Card493 viewsscrapaddict409/24/14 at 10:52thompson: I love the way this card is put together! love it!...
Glitter Pumpkin.jpg
Glitter Pumpkin545 viewsemmielou09/24/14 at 10:51thompson:
post to sol.JPG
Pixie Stix1194 viewsdanni09/24/14 at 10:42thompson: I Love these!!!
Boo Pumpkin!429 viewsAnna Wight: Design Team11/29/13 at 10:20ColleenF: I love your work Anna! I don't think I'v...
A Fall Anniversary304 viewslindasue11/29/13 at 10:19ColleenF: Sweet, I like the leaves gathered under the pumpki...
Happy Harvest~KJ212 viewsKelliJo11/29/13 at 10:18ColleenF: Oh I love this ! Nice job!
Inside of Halloween flip it260 viewsPaws Ink!10/11/13 at 22:12mauihumv: So it:)
Zig Zag Harvest Pumpkin290 viewsJingle - Design Team08/24/13 at 20:08sandyr: Beautiful card!
I LOVE THIS PUMPKIN! :)271 viewsAnna Wight: Design Team08/21/13 at 17:03usharon:
*Happy Halloween390 viewsemmielou08/07/13 at 23:54CharsDelites: This is awesome!
*Distressed Pumpkin351 viewsemmielou08/07/13 at 23:53CharsDelites: Beautiful job...well done. I LOVE it!!!
October Stamps Of Life Seven With Name.jpg
Happy Halloween Card1016 viewsBeverly S.-Design Team09/25/12 at "Hail, hail, the gang's all here!" f...
Trick or Treat TSOL.jpg
Trick Or Treat!278 viewsemmielou11/10/11 at 13:08mgpm: cute! love the colors
Stamps for Life 001.JPG
Thanksgiving Card645 viewsCupcake Diva11/07/11 at 00:28admin: Love it! On the Blog!
Happy Halloween259 viewsLaurel S10/29/11 at 07:27ColleenF: Love the patterns, nice job!
post to sol.JPG
Pixie Stix1194 viewsdanni10/27/11 at 12:55Barbg: super cute idea!
320 viewsHelen09/18/11 at 16:52mgpm: pretty.
Thanks2Fall Stamps625 viewsJoyce07/03/11 at 17:05dentedhalo: So cute! Love those flowers!
397 viewscdmac11/08/10 at 00:11justyolie: Perfect thanksgiving card!
Stamps for Life 001.JPG
Thanksgiving Card645 viewsCupcake Diva10/01/10 at 11:40emmielou: This is gorgeous! Love the way you colored those p...
Glitter Pumpkin.jpg
Glitter Pumpkin545 viewsemmielou09/23/10 at 19:38ColleenF: Love it! Glitter is fantastic!
398 viewsbonnierose09/23/10 at 10:43emmielou: Super cute set, Bonnie!
Stamps Of Life Trick or Treat Card 2009 %28med 65%25%29.jpg
Digital Trick Or Treat654 viewscard-topia07/06/10 at 22:41Stephanie Barnard: favorite color!! CUTE!! HUGS!!
October Stamps Of Life Card Four With Name.jpg
Happy Halloween Tags Card1278 viewsBeverly S.-Design Team04/02/10 at 12:27Stephanie Barnard: I love this!!
for Neil.jpg
Happy Thanksgiving798 viewsCoreyW04/02/10 at 12:23Stephanie Barnard: Great combination of patterns!
Nov 29 2009_2984_upload1_edited-1.jpg
Happy Thanksgiving666 viewsKimberscrap11/30/09 at 20:37Melanie H.: Very Nice !
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